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Powerball $30m Jackpot – How to Pick Winning Numbers

January 31, 2012 Leave a comment

For those who don’t want to be TattsLosers, here’s a sure fire method of picking winning numbers:

  • Take both your parents birth days (day of month)
  • Take your own birth month, multiply by 2
  • Take your year of birth, last two digits – if over 45, divide by two (a round up), if under 45 use the number as is
  • Look at your watch when reading this – take the hour of the day, in 24 hour format

Alright, there’s your five lucky numbers. Now, go into your Tatts outlet and fill out the five numbers.

All you need now is the powerball, right? Look in your wallet – how much change do you have? Count up the individual number of coins.. the number of 20c pieces, 10c pieces, 5c pieces, $1 and $2 coins. What the total count is = your powerball.

Alright, you’re all set – check the powerball on the form. Now, here’s the secret to ensuring you WIN:

Take your form, scrunch it up, chuck it in the bin, and deposit the money you would have spent in your savings account. Instant winner!


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Powerball $30m Mega Draw

January 31, 2012 Leave a comment

A little while since my last post, apologies. You’d be forgiven for thinking that I might have had some great windfall. Actually, you wouldn’t be forgiven – of course that’s not the case. Statistically, Tattersalls odds might suggest you have a chance, but in reality it.. well, sucks.

Reviewing my lotto play results for January – overall I’ve lost a total of $1,174.25. I did have a bit of a win on Super 7’s last week, which I recycled into the promise of the $25m Powerball last Thursday. That was a total disaster:
Powerball 26/1/12
1 System 8, 2 System 7’s and a whopping 456 standard games. Total cost: $452.90.

And I won a single Division 5 – a massive $25.90. So I lost $427. Pretty miserable.

Speaking of misery – because of that, and playing on Monday ($56.20 – won nothing) I ended up in a pretty awful situation today. I couldn’t afford lunch – I could barely afford to even drive into work and pay the parking.

So I worked all day today, last day on January, on a single cup of coffee. It’s all I could afford. All because I was stupid enough to keep thinking that Tattersalls odds are fair, and that I have a decent chance of winning.

It meant I couldn’t play Oz Lotto tonight. Oh well. I’m guessing I at least saved some money (that I didn’t have).

There’s a $30m Powerball jackpot this week. It’s also my pay week. So I guess I’ll be pouring a chunk of change down that drain. Pretty stupid, really, as it’ll mean I’ll be scratching for pennies the following week.

But look on the bright side – visit the Tattersalls website and you’ll hear of all the fantastic winners stories, and those awesome Flash ad graphics showing beaches and amazing sums of money. Makes you salivate, huh? Keep dreaming. Tatts gives you the chance to make dreams come true – all I was dreaming of today is I sure wish I could afford something to eat.

Thanks Tatts – you’ve bled over a grand from me over January. What I’ve won is so much less than what your published odds might indicate. Does this mean I’m in line for a big winner? Or am I destined to spend next week watching people eat and kick myself over how stupid I am to keep being conned by your lotteries?

Over and out folks. Hope somebody out there is having more luck than me.

Keep records of your Lotto winnings and losses

January 17, 2012 Leave a comment

As I’ve stated from the outset, part of my mission with this blog is to record the true odds experienced playing the various lotto games, and compare them with those published by Tattersalls.

I ask that anybody out there do the same – keep ALL your winning AND losing tickets. File them into envelopes. Keep track of just how many games you play, versus how many you win. I’d truly love to hear from more players out there – together, we can keep evidence of the the real odds resulting from the various lotto draws.

Look forward to hearing from you!


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Latest Tattslotto Results: Powerball 12/1/12, Saturday Lotto 14/1/12 and Monday Lotto 16/1/12

January 17, 2012 Leave a comment

Here’s my latest losings from Tattersalls – unsurprisingly, the winnings and related odds continue to be a far cry from the odds published on the Tatts website.

Powerball 12/1/12
Played 98 standard games and 1 System 7, total cost: $97.25
Winnings: $43.15
Net position: Lost $54.10

Saturday Tattslotto: 14/1/12
Played 4 System 8s, 17 System 7s and 101 Standard Games. Total Cost: $217.40
Winnings: $12.85
Net position: Lost $204.55

Monday Lotto: 16/1/12
My first day back at my miserable job… so I was hoping for a little bit of luck. You know what Tattersalls say: “We make dreams come true”. Well, it was a far cry from that..
4 x System 8s, 22 x System 7s and 93 Standard Games. Total Cost: $156.45
Winnings: ZERO!! Absolutely nothing

So this brings my net position playing Tattersalls lottery games for 2012 to a grand total of having lost $975.50.

I’ve got a system down now for tracking the number of games played, tickets, winnings, and will be able to calculate some realistic odds.

Well, after this week I’m pretty much broke until payday. I actually went without lunch on Monday and today so I could take a punt on Monday’s lotto. Couldn’t buy any Oz Lotto tickets for tonight’s draw as I simply couldn’t afford to, given I didn’t win a cent on Monday.

Stay tuned for some more great Tattersalls lottery loser stories.

Saturday Tattslotto – Winning Numbers – No Such Luck

January 8, 2012 Leave a comment

Just checked my Saturday Tattslotto tickets. $224 worth of tickets ($165 regular numbers I’ve played for years) – here’s the outcome:

4 Games System 8, 19 Games System 7, 97 Standard Games
Winnings: Absolutely nothing!!!

Yes, even with the new “division 6” and supposedly more chances to win, I got diddly squat. Considering the $900 in the mega draw last Saturday turned up nothing as well, that’s two weeks in a row and $1,124 worth of tickets that have equated to not a single win.

This is a far cry from the odds of winning. They need to publish the odds of losing.

It brings my 2012 net Tattslotto position to: -$335.70

Putting that in perspective, out of $379.70 spent this week, I’ve won a total of $44. Looks like those ‘dreams’ and ‘winning numbers’ will continue to evade me. Time to go mow the lawns.

Mon & Wed Lotto and Powerball – More Cash for Tatts Tills

January 6, 2012 Leave a comment

So here’s the latest results for this week:

Monday Lotto – out of the $150 or so of tickets, I won absolutely NOTHING! Again! Yikes. Those odds posted on Tattersalls website are really starting to look rather… ill.

From Wednesday lotto, I’ve decided to start up a register to track my ongoing # games on each draw, the amount spent, the winnings, and the net position. This should be good for anybody who, like me, thinks they have some kind of remote chance of ending up ahead. The reality is (taken from somebody losing many $10’s of thousands of dollars over the last 5 years), it’s simply a waste of money and building up false hopes.

Wednesday Lotto 5/1/12: 3 System 8’s, 19 System 7’s, 24 Standard Games
Cost: $105, Winnings: $44
Net Position To Date: -$61.00

Powerball 6/1/12: 62 Standard Games
Cost: $50.70, Winnings: $0
Net Position To Date: -$50.70

So far I’ve wasted $111.70 this year.

I’m tracking this stuff on a spreadsheet now, breaking down the number of games & related winnings, which will let me start to share what the actual odds are ongoing.

Feedback always welcome. Wish me luck for Saturday’s draw!

Tattslotto $31m Mega Draw – It Mega Sucked!

January 2, 2012 1 comment

I just finished checking my tickets for the $31m Tattslotto mega draw – in total, 53 tickets bought across 5 weeks, total investment of $920.

Winnings: ZERO! I mean, can you believe that? To give you an idea, it’s the equivalent of something like 1,700 standard games overall. The Tatts website claims the following odds at the bottom end of the scale:

6 1 or 2 winning numbers + 2 supplementary numbers 144:1 12:1

The odds of winning any prize at the lowest end of the spectrum is 1 in 144. And yet I’ve managed 0 in 1,700+. Am I just incredibly unlucky? Well, considering I’ve been playing the same numbers for five years now (my usual Tattslotto numbers I purchase every Saturday is about $165, being around 55 standard games, 16 system 7’s, and three System 8’s), as well as a big range of “Quick Picks”, I don’t understand how they can honestly publish odds like this as if they remotely resemble what you might be able to expect.

Can’t wait to go into my local outlet and scan all these tickets and get that “Better Luck Next Time” printed on them, with the cashier’s pitiful face as she tells me “Sorry, no winners”.

Interested in hearing other people’s stories from the Tattslotto $31m mega draw. Feel free to post.

Monday (2nd Jan) draw is coming up – I’ve got about $150 in tickets on the line there. Wish me luck!