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Tattslotto $31m Mega Draw – It Mega Sucked!

I just finished checking my tickets for the $31m Tattslotto mega draw – in total, 53 tickets bought across 5 weeks, total investment of $920.

Winnings: ZERO! I mean, can you believe that? To give you an idea, it’s the equivalent of something like 1,700 standard games overall. The Tatts website claims the following odds at the bottom end of the scale:

6 1 or 2 winning numbers + 2 supplementary numbers 144:1 12:1

The odds of winning any prize at the lowest end of the spectrum is 1 in 144. And yet I’ve managed 0 in 1,700+. Am I just incredibly unlucky? Well, considering I’ve been playing the same numbers for five years now (my usual Tattslotto numbers I purchase every Saturday is about $165, being around 55 standard games, 16 system 7’s, and three System 8’s), as well as a big range of “Quick Picks”, I don’t understand how they can honestly publish odds like this as if they remotely resemble what you might be able to expect.

Can’t wait to go into my local outlet and scan all these tickets and get that “Better Luck Next Time” printed on them, with the cashier’s pitiful face as she tells me “Sorry, no winners”.

Interested in hearing other people’s stories from the Tattslotto $31m mega draw. Feel free to post.

Monday (2nd Jan) draw is coming up – I’ve got about $150 in tickets on the line there. Wish me luck!

  1. joanna
    September 30, 2013 at 5:45 pm

    all loto games in australia are menupliated to suit tatts share holdes ,lv been playing lotto for over 26 years about 20 tickets every saturday night pluss all other games ,l choose all diferent combinations of numbers no quick picks they never win .same of these tickets lv been playing about 15 years with the same numbers lonly have win small prices never anything big.lve been complainig to tatts by mail,e-mail ,phonefor over 5 years ,they always avoid answering my questions.e,g lotto live vieing not open to public ,no camera man from tatts to record and display each lotto draw on tv reling on chanel 7 to broadcast live draw on tv ,tatts ownes computer system company,they have over an hour or more befor each live,as quickly as they can have results and tell me how many winners there is each night,they can do the same thing and controll all draws derections.and as for sratchies they never let you know the odds like simbals etc

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