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What’s this blog about?

Having played Tatts lottery games for over five years, and constantly getting that annoying “Better Luck Next Time” on virtually every ticket I purchase, I thought to start a blog about by Tattslotto losings.

When you visit the Tattersalls website, you constantly get “Winners Stories” – but what about all us losers? I wrote to Tatts some time ago asking if they’d consider publishing one of my “losing” stories, but they weren’t interested. Which isn’t, of course, surprising, as they want everyone to think they’re going to win and publishing losing stories is simply bad business, if you’re in the business of making money on gambling.

I’m sure there’s hundreds of thousands of other TattsLosers out there who’d also like to share their stories and their losing streaks so feel free to post and comment along the way.

I primarily thought to start this blog as one of my 2012 new year resolutions – having had a big zero win on the $31m mega draw, and having so many tickets in it, kind of inspired me.

I’ll track my purchases and win/loss rates to share here with others, and welcome others to comment or write to share their own stories.

For what it’s worth, I’ve also been keeping all my losing tickets – there’s about 12kg of them now – and I encourage others to also start keeping their losing tickets instead of throwing them away.

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