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Powerball $30m Mega Draw

A little while since my last post, apologies. You’d be forgiven for thinking that I might have had some great windfall. Actually, you wouldn’t be forgiven – of course that’s not the case. Statistically, Tattersalls odds might suggest you have a chance, but in reality it.. well, sucks.

Reviewing my lotto play results for January – overall I’ve lost a total of $1,174.25. I did have a bit of a win on Super 7’s last week, which I recycled into the promise of the $25m Powerball last Thursday. That was a total disaster:
Powerball 26/1/12
1 System 8, 2 System 7’s and a whopping 456 standard games. Total cost: $452.90.

And I won a single Division 5 – a massive $25.90. So I lost $427. Pretty miserable.

Speaking of misery – because of that, and playing on Monday ($56.20 – won nothing) I ended up in a pretty awful situation today. I couldn’t afford lunch – I could barely afford to even drive into work and pay the parking.

So I worked all day today, last day on January, on a single cup of coffee. It’s all I could afford. All because I was stupid enough to keep thinking that Tattersalls odds are fair, and that I have a decent chance of winning.

It meant I couldn’t play Oz Lotto tonight. Oh well. I’m guessing I at least saved some money (that I didn’t have).

There’s a $30m Powerball jackpot this week. It’s also my pay week. So I guess I’ll be pouring a chunk of change down that drain. Pretty stupid, really, as it’ll mean I’ll be scratching for pennies the following week.

But look on the bright side – visit the Tattersalls website and you’ll hear of all the fantastic winners stories, and those awesome Flash ad graphics showing beaches and amazing sums of money. Makes you salivate, huh? Keep dreaming. Tatts gives you the chance to make dreams come true – all I was dreaming of today is I sure wish I could afford something to eat.

Thanks Tatts – you’ve bled over a grand from me over January. What I’ve won is so much less than what your published odds might indicate. Does this mean I’m in line for a big winner? Or am I destined to spend next week watching people eat and kick myself over how stupid I am to keep being conned by your lotteries?

Over and out folks. Hope somebody out there is having more luck than me.

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