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9 Consecutive Tatts Draws, $420 and No Wins – Powerball 23/2/12

February 24, 2012 Leave a comment

The losing streak continues: played 48 games in last night’s Powerball, total cost $39.20. Didn’t win anything.

This makes it 9 consecutive Tatts lottery draws over the last two weeks, spending a total of $419.50, without a single win or return.

Will do some number crunching over the weekend and publish the current odds returned for each of the Tatts games to contrast against those published by Tatts themselves.

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Tatts Milks Another $115 From Me In Wed Lotto, Now 8 Game $385 Losing Streak

February 23, 2012 Leave a comment

Wednesday Lotto didn’t fare too well at all I’m afraid.

I played 2x System 8’s, 20 x System 7’s and 69 Standard Games, for a total spend of $115.45. Winnings: ZERO.

Putting Tattersalls lotteries odds into perspective, this makes it 8 consecutive draws across every game for the last two weeks where I haven’t won a single thing. Total purchases over this period = $384.70 without any winnings.

Of course, if you were led to believe the odds published on the Tatts site, this losing streak and not winning even a tiny division out of all those games and all those draws is extremely unlikely. Yet, here I am.

Seems nobody took home first division in last night’s Wednesday lotto. It was, incidentally, the last Lotto draw before Tatts so called “exciting game changes” for Mon & Wed lotto. These exciting changes are pretty much what we expected – a new division, and then increasing the ticket prize. There’s also some “minimum 2 division 1 $1m prizes”… Given next Mon is the first draw, I’m sure it’s entirely coincidental that nobody won Wed’s draw this week, which conveniently funds the promise prize pool for next Monday.

More soon on Powerball’s draw – I might be headed for 9 consecutive “no wins”. With this streak, my losing record will soon parallel Black Caviar’s winning record.

Getting Wiser About Tatts: Oz Lotto Draw 21/2/12

February 21, 2012 Leave a comment

Happy Tuesday folks! My day was certainly demanding and deflating and, of course, the icing on the cake was playing Tattersalls Super 7’s Oz Lotto tonight.

Being a $2m draw I decided to cut back. This is also thanks to a conversation I had with a kind fellow on Twitter who pointed out, quite plainly, that whilst my intention of revealing how bad the odds are playing Tatts games in relation to my own direct and factual experience, I’m also spiraling into debt.

Truth be told, yes, I have been playing more than I can afford. I have an avid desire to reveal to the world my own case scenario, as I believe it is repeated more frequently than not by most Tatts players. I stand by my conviction that the published odds are misleading where you experience over a consistent period of time nothing like those odds. That’s the case with my playing experience over 4 years now, and I intend to keep blogging to share the facts of my experience with as many people as possible.

Tatts, on the other hand, wants to continue positively promoting their gambling under the guise of mathematical odds. And people keep swallowing their pride thinking “I’m just unlucky this time”. Oh, and I’ll have “Better Luck Next Time”, which Tatts prints on your losing tickets as if it’s a fact.

At any rate, I also need to keep in my mind my family’s welfare. The consistent losses I’m experiencing playing these games is taking it’s toll. Thank you to the Twitter person who spoke with me and has helped me put some perspective on this.

I shall continue blogging, but I unfortunately have to scale my purchases in line with what I can afford. I don’t believe this detracts from the facts. But I do need others to share their stories too.

At any rate, here’s my Super 7’s Oz Lotto results for tonight:

2 x System 8’s, 13 x Standard Games. Total spent: $34.80.  Won: NOTHING. Oh, yet again.

My total losses for 2012, since starting this blog, now equals: $3,556.78

That’s a lot to loose, I know. But every draw, every statistic, is building a case against a company that doesn’t do anything to disclose factual odds and statistics about their games, and merely promotes the “winners” and “good news stories”.

Peace, folks.

Monday Lotto Results – 20/2/12

February 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Just a short post as Monday is always a treacherous day at work…

I scraped together $50 to play lotto today – couldn’t quite play my Tatts Card saved games, but covered most of them:
2 x System 8’s, 3 x System 7’s and 39 Standard Games
Total Cost: $50.55

Unsurprisingly, it turns out I didn’t win anything – putting me another $50.55 down. Bring it on, Tatts – the more I loose, the more your published odds seem a misrepresentation to me.

More soon folks!

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Lotto: Price of Having Your Dreams Crushed

February 19, 2012 3 comments

As I continue to play Tattersalls lottery games (Monday & Wednesday Lotto, Super 7’s Oz Lotto, Powerball and Saturday Tattslotto), the price of having your dreams crushed becomes more apparent.

In the past I’ve simply played lotto and palmed off my losses to bad luck. It’s only since the New Years Draw, and as part of my new years resolutions, that I committed to recording every single game I play, how much I spend, and how much I loose.

That’s why I’m writing this blog. To share with all of you the cost of buying into the “dream” that is so openly marketed on lottery games.

As a case example, let’s look at Powerball. In 2012 alone, I’ve played:
1 x System 9, 5 x System 8’s, 13 x System 7’s and 1,525 Standard Games. Total spend on Powerball has been $1,641.38. In total I’ve won back $259.75.
Meaning the price of having my powerball dreams crushed has been $1,381.63 so far.

Saturday Tattslotto 18/2/12 – $202.40 Lost, No Wins

February 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Further to my last post about “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”, and the goods I lost at the pawn shop yesterday and instead put my faith in Tattslotto….

I just lost $202.40 on Saturday Tattslotto without a single win. Absolutely nothing. Yes, even despite this so called “new division 6” with “better” odds overall.

Here’s the breakdown:
4 x System 8
17 x System 7
75 x Standard Games

So I just kissed another $202.40 goodbye, a kiss which leaves an increasingly bad taste in my mouth.

Total losses for Saturday Tattslotto for 2012: $1,175.25

Total losses on Tatts games for 2012: $3,471.43

Let’s put that in perspective – I could have had an overseas vacation with my family to somewhere nice. Instead, TattsLoser keeps playing Tattersalls games because they publish odds that suggest a particular return in the least (let’s forget about “winning it big”).

The shame of it.. but IMHO the shame is on Tatts, for not declaring openly and honestly the statistics on their lottery games. Instead they positively promote their gambling, dream peddling, whilst concealing facts about people like me.

Saturday Tattslotto – Wouldn’t It Be Nice? (To Not Loose Your Pawned Goods)

February 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Those ads they run at Tatts outlets claiming “$4m – Wouldn’t It Be Nice?” certainly are salt in the wounds for us TattsLosers.

Of course it would be nice. But let me give you the definition of “Un-Nice” – my experience today of losing my guitar at the pawn shop because I couldn’t pay the interest. Doubly cruel considering I originally pawned it back in December to buy tickets in the New Year Superdraw (in which I lost a substantial amount of money).

To put icing on that bitter cake, today I spent my money that I could have on interest on putting on my regular Tattslotto tickets. The same $160 odd worth of tickets I’ve been playing for over 4 years that have gotten me jack squat.

Tatts, I’ll tell you what would be “nice” – to actually win something akin to what your advertised odds suggest for Tattslotto. By all reasoning I am well overdue to win something reasonable tonight – something that will let me pay my rent for another month and get back some of the goods I’ve pawned to play your stupid lottery.