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Powerball $30m Draw – I just blew $658.03 for nothing

Just went and checked my tickets for Tattersalls Australian Powerball’s $30m mega draw – there was this faint glimmer of hope that it might have actually been worth playing. Of course, this was far from the case – why should a losing streak with far worse odds than published on the Tatts site change now?

Here’s the stats:

Spent $724.28
1 x System 9, 3 x System 8, 4 x System 7 and 597 standard games.

Winnings? Two division 5’s and a division 6. Total amount won: $66.25

Net position – lost $658.03.

Yes folks, whilst people like us will be off to pawn goods to get by for another week or two, someone out there is apparently $31m or so richer. If that’s you reading right now – oh, wait a minute, why would you be reading this, I’m sure you’re busy looking up luxury yacht’s or something.

A big heartfelt thanks (read “F*U*”) to Tattersalls for once again giving my hind quarter a work out whilst distracting me with thoughts of dreams coming true.

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