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Saturday TattsLotto – 4 Feb 2012

I just managed to loan $150 against some goods at cash converters to play Saturday Tattslotto (4th Feb 2012). Playing the same numbers I have for over 5 years, which have never returned more than a $15 pay out here and there.

It’s wishful thinking that, given the dire straits I’m in with life and debt, that some luck might come my way tonight. After the travesty of the $30m powerball super draw, and after 5 years of playing the same numbers, I might actually have a windfall that could help lift me out of the doom and gloom I’m in.

According to the Lotto statistics, I’m well overdue for a decent win – I calculated I’ve spent some $25,000 or so on Saturday Tattslotto playing these numbers. Strictly statistically speaking I’m well overdue for at least a division 3 win. Even that I’d be happy with.

Will post an update later this eve, where I will either be working out what else I can pawn to get by for another week, or breathing a sigh of relief knowing I can pay some of the drastically overdue bills.

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