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Tatts – Better Luck Next Time

Ever noticed how Tatts prints “WINNING TICKET” when you win, but “BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME” when you loose? Tattersalls are all about positively promoting gambling – the whole gambling industry is geared on selling the “promise” whilst concealing any potentially negative language or thoughts that might cause people to second think blowing money on this sort of stuff.

It would make sense that the opposite of a winning ticket is a losing ticket – yet, printing the word “LOSING” is the kind of language they want to avoid. If you got a ticket with that word on it, you’d be more likely to realize exactly what you are – a loser.

Instead, we get ‘Better Luck Next Time’ – framing the completely negative scenario of having just lost money into the positive promise that you’ll be a ‘winner’ next time. Just play again – spend some more money, by some more tickets.. I’m sure you’ll have better luck next time… and this time around, hell, you didn’t really loose.

The plain fact of the matter is we are losers – that’s why the TattsLosers blog exists – to show the other side of the coin, the one that comes up more often than not, to share not only the dreams that never come true but the hardship endured chasing them under false hopes that a highly profitable gambling empire has built a business out of preying upon.


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