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On A Different (But Related) Note – Pokies Suicide

Whilst this blog is about losses on Tatts lottery games, I felt so saddened by this article that I wanted to share it.

A young man committed suicide shortly after losing the last of his money on gaming machines (‘pokies’) – link to the article here:


The venue in question (Warragul Downtowner) would seem to have Tabaret pokies. FYI Tabaret is the pokies arm of Tattersalls.

Sincere condolences go out to the family in question. I truly hope that our government gets some balls about them, steps in and stops the menace and destructive nature of these machines.

There’s not a single good thing about Tabaret and pokies. They’re disgusting places. I challenge anybody to go into any single one of these venues, day or night, and show me a single person that is having any kind of fun playing them.

It’s heartbreaking to see the lifeless people in there blowing their money over hours, with the same kind of hope lotto players have in ‘getting a break’.

Tattersalls and Tabaret have had more than a fair run – it’s almost insurmountable the number of lives and communities these pokies have destroyed. They’re more destructive and putting more lives at risks than some of the worst illegal drugs. CLOSE THEM DOWN. We don’t need that shit in our communities.

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