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Saturday Tattslotto Results – 4 Feb 12

Just checked my Tattslotto tickets from last night, and guess what?

Yet again I’m a TattsLoser. Let us check on the definition:

Tattsloser (verb) – Somebody who plays Tattersalls lotteries regularly, spending large sums of money, yet despite the purported odds published for these lotteries consistently looses and experiences actual adds far less than those published.

Yep, that’s me.

Last night my total spend was $273.95. Winnings – $66.00. Net position: Lost $207.95

My total amount lost on Tattersalls lotteries for 2012 is now $2,129.53

These lotteries continue to demoralize me. And yet, I continue to play based on the fact they continue to be advertised with “odds of winning”. Based on those odds, or any reasonable deviation from them, I could afford to play the way I do – however, the actual odds I continue to experience are significantly different (worse) than those published, and hence these lotteries continue to create undue hardship upon me.

Thanks, Tatts. This coming week is going to be extremely difficult for me financially. That would not be the case if the odds I experience on your lotteries were anything like what you claim them to be.

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