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Tatts – Are ‘Winners’ Really Winners? How Dividends Are Reported

If you’re a TattsLoser like me, you probably jump to the Dividends for the draw on the Tattersalls website, see all those ‘winners’ for each division, and think ‘damn I must just be unlucky this time’.

Thing is, are “# Winners” published on the dividends actual winners? Tatts aren’t willing to disclose this information, but some reverse calculations on prize pools and # winners seems to reveal a disparity, at least in the way it is represented.

As you’re aware, people can buy “System” entries. When a system entry wins, it’s paid out a proportionate number of prizes. For example, three numbers + supplementary on a System 10 will pay out 15 division 5 prizes in Tattslotto.

Thing is, this is reported as ’15 Winners’ in the division 5 prize pool dividends. But wait a minute – there’s really only one winner in question, and one winning ticket.

The net effect of this is, with a significant number of system prizes being paid out, unaware people look at the dividends and assume there’s, say, 363,000 winners. In actual fact, the number of winners (individuals and/or individual tickets) is far less.

These ‘winners’ are actually prizes paid. Reporting the actual number of winning tickets would mean the reported numbers are far lower. The net effect of that would be discouraging for people playing, in having greater realization of just how few people actually win.

So next time you see the Dividends and look at all those “winners”, keep in mind a significant portion of that is most likely large system division syndicates paying out large numbers of prizes.

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