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Super 7’s Oz Lotto – $10m Super Draw – 7th Feb 2012

Yet again Tattersalls comes out the true winner. Being a $10m super draw I scraped together every penny I could muster in the hope of winning something decent. Let’s face it, not a first division, apparently that’ll never happen. But at least a return on my money something like the odds Tattersalls publish proclaim.

Alas, it was not to be. Tattersalls odds continue to prove unreliable and a misrepresentation of what you might actually experience.

Here’s my run down for the $10m Super 7’s super draw held on 7th Feb:

1 x System 10
18 x System 8
159 x Standard Games

Total Cost to Play: $507.45

Winnings: A *massive* $14.55

Net position: Blew another $492.90

An open message to Tattersalls: Australian consumer law requires that a sold product perform (within reason) to it’s stated “specifications”. In the case of your lottery games, I consider those specifications to be the odds you publish. I have consistently received far less odds than those that are published – this isn’t an intermediate thing, it’s a consistent pattern. I therefore allege that the tickets I have bought are, under standard consumer law, faulty by nature.

Net position for 2012 so far: Tattersalls have managed to farm $2,885.28 from me.

Thanks Tattersalls – Tatts me out of here (with ‘here’ being the disgustingly terrible losing streak I consistently experience playing your lotteries). Keep on taking from the poor and give to the rich.

Given we’re over a month down the track, I’ll try and find some time in the next post or two to publish the actual odds Tattersalls games have yielded this particular player.

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