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Tattslotto $20m SuperDraw – 11th Feb 2012

Here comes another one of those super draws. Another Tattersalls tactic to fleece money from the needy.

According to my Saturday Tattslotto run (which is, having lost over $740 in 2012 on Saturday Tattslotto alone), I should actually win something decent. This is, of course, according to published odds on the Tattersalls site.

Stay tuned to my blog for an update on how much money on blow on this Superdraw.

Oh, and if you haven’t already, check out the Tattersalls Annual Return for 2011 to see why they peddle these super draws – jackpots and super draws are big business for them, big profit money spinners. The amount these generate is significant compared to the actual prize pool being offered.

So even if you do happen to win big, the biggest winner of all is the one that is never celebrated under the Winner Stories. Do us a favour, Tatts, and write a winner story about your company and how much money it’s made flogging dreams to unsuspecting Aussies.

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