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Saturday Tattslotto 18/2/12 – $202.40 Lost, No Wins

Further to my last post about “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”, and the goods I lost at the pawn shop yesterday and instead put my faith in Tattslotto….

I just lost $202.40 on Saturday Tattslotto without a single win. Absolutely nothing. Yes, even despite this so called “new division 6” with “better” odds overall.

Here’s the breakdown:
4 x System 8
17 x System 7
75 x Standard Games

So I just kissed another $202.40 goodbye, a kiss which leaves an increasingly bad taste in my mouth.

Total losses for Saturday Tattslotto for 2012: $1,175.25

Total losses on Tatts games for 2012: $3,471.43

Let’s put that in perspective – I could have had an overseas vacation with my family to somewhere nice. Instead, TattsLoser keeps playing Tattersalls games because they publish odds that suggest a particular return in the least (let’s forget about “winning it big”).

The shame of it.. but IMHO the shame is on Tatts, for not declaring openly and honestly the statistics on their lottery games. Instead they positively promote their gambling, dream peddling, whilst concealing facts about people like me.

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