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Getting Wiser About Tatts: Oz Lotto Draw 21/2/12

Happy Tuesday folks! My day was certainly demanding and deflating and, of course, the icing on the cake was playing Tattersalls Super 7’s Oz Lotto tonight.

Being a $2m draw I decided to cut back. This is also thanks to a conversation I had with a kind fellow on Twitter who pointed out, quite plainly, that whilst my intention of revealing how bad the odds are playing Tatts games in relation to my own direct and factual experience, I’m also spiraling into debt.

Truth be told, yes, I have been playing more than I can afford. I have an avid desire to reveal to the world my own case scenario, as I believe it is repeated more frequently than not by most Tatts players. I stand by my conviction that the published odds are misleading where you experience over a consistent period of time nothing like those odds. That’s the case with my playing experience over 4 years now, and I intend to keep blogging to share the facts of my experience with as many people as possible.

Tatts, on the other hand, wants to continue positively promoting their gambling under the guise of mathematical odds. And people keep swallowing their pride thinking “I’m just unlucky this time”. Oh, and I’ll have “Better Luck Next Time”, which Tatts prints on your losing tickets as if it’s a fact.

At any rate, I also need to keep in my mind my family’s welfare. The consistent losses I’m experiencing playing these games is taking it’s toll. Thank you to the Twitter person who spoke with me and has helped me put some perspective on this.

I shall continue blogging, but I unfortunately have to scale my purchases in line with what I can afford. I don’t believe this detracts from the facts. But I do need others to share their stories too.

At any rate, here’s my Super 7’s Oz Lotto results for tonight:

2 x System 8’s, 13 x Standard Games. Total spent: $34.80.  Won: NOTHING. Oh, yet again.

My total losses for 2012, since starting this blog, now equals: $3,556.78

That’s a lot to loose, I know. But every draw, every statistic, is building a case against a company that doesn’t do anything to disclose factual odds and statistics about their games, and merely promotes the “winners” and “good news stories”.

Peace, folks.

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