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Saturday Tattslotto Results – 3/3/12 – $260 Lost, Nothing Won

Apologies for the gap in posts. No, I haven’t won a Tattersalls jackpot and disappeared on a much needed holiday. Quite the opposite actually. Life kind of took over for a while and I needed to concentrate on trying to get on top of some debts.

I did, however, resume my TattsLoser habit and played in Saturday’s Tattslotto draw. Here’s the breakdown:

5 x System 8
23 x System 7
96 x Standard Games
Total Cost: $260.05
Winnings: Absolutely ZERO!

Kind of thought after scaling back my playing I’d give Saturday Tattslotto a good shot this week. I mean, after all, apparently there’s much better odds with the new Division 6. Seems those odds never go in my favour (what’s it like for you? my guess is, much the same).

At any rate, this brings my appalling Tattersalls lottery games losses for 2012 to a whopping total of $4,173.98 – that’s right, over $4k lost this year alone playing these stupid lotteries with odds that never return anything like they’re supposed to.

Oh well, that’s just one TattsLoser story. I’m sure there’s hundreds of thousands out there, but you’d be forgiven for thinking this wasn’t the case with those wonderful “winners stories” Tatts keep publishing on their website.

At least you have TattsLoser, to share the ongoing sad story that is repeated countless times across Australia. When you play like I do, you get to a point where you don’t even care about the jackpots and first division prizes anymore – you’d settle for just getting back something that remotely resembles the odds of winning any game.

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