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Lotteries – Is Their Advertising Misleading? ‘Plain Packaging’ For Gambling Promotion

Many years ago society stood up to big tobacco and the ‘romantic’ and ‘glorified’ promotion of smoking. People used to be confronted with smoking ads at sporting venues, and classic pictures of fit men on horseback. As we know, the truth is smoking destroys your health, and the advertising was deemed as false and misleading.

I openly ask, how is this different for gambling? Look at the signage promoting lottery draws, for example. Check out Tattersalls own website. Coconuts on unspoilt beaches? Colourful stars exploding, wheelbarrows full of gold on rainbows.

This advertising is equally, if not more, false. By Tatts own admission the chances of actually winning and experiencing something akin to what is being advertised is one in millions upon millions (even worse than what is claimed by them, at least in respect to my own personal history of wins versus losses, as detailed in this blog).

So why should millions of everyday people be subjected to misleading advertising of these lotteries? Virtually every other brand and business in Australia is subject to strict regulation on their advertising. If a supermarket advertises a price for a product, and can’t deliver it, an apology is expected to be printed in the newspaper.

So what about the millions of people who buy a ticket in a Tattersalls lottery draw based on the exotic advertising and promise of a ‘chance to win’? Is it unreasonable that we should expect Tatts to print an open apology in major newspapers following every draw, to apologize for their product not performing as ‘advertised’?

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