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Tatts: Poor Odds Continue With $71 Monday Lotto Loss

Well, despite all the wonderful fanfare proclaimed by Tatts for their “exciting changes” in Monday and Wednesday lotto promising to make ‘more winners’, this TattsLoser (amongst many hundreds of thousands of others, I’m sure) seems to have missed out. In fact, the odds haven’t shifted in the slightest according to my current rate of games played & games lost versus won.

Tonight’s Monday Lotto 12th March 2012, here’s my results:

1 x System 8
8 x System 7
47 x Standard Games
Total Spend: $71.30
Winnings: ZERO

And that’s what you get for going out of your way on Labor Day to put on your regular lottery numbers. Majorly sucked in. This brings my total Monday Lotto losses for 2012 to $499.35 and my overall losses in 2012 playing Tatts lotteries to $4,357.84.

Out of interest, you may have noticed the ‘exciting game changes’ for Monday & Wednesday lotto essentially have meant a price increase, whilst promising “two division one winners”. What you probably haven’t noticed is Monday & Wednesday lotto is no longer subject to a jackpot if nobody wins. Essentially, Tatts pocket the money when nobody wins rather than putting it into a jackpot. Nice of them, huh?

Tattersalls lotteries are, draw by draw, destroying me. And this blog is my draw by draw testament to warn anyone else out there who’s tempted by the glitzy advertising to waste their own time & money playing their lotteries.

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