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Over $4,500 lost to Tatts Lotteries in 2012 so far – why do I keep playing?

As of today I’ve lost $4,557.94 to Tatts Lotteries in 2012. Having played for over 5 years, based on this rate, my total losses probably amount to over $50,000. Up until 2012 I simply played and palmed off my losses to bad luck. But as part of my new year resolution was to start a blog – to track, statistically, my losses and how these fared to what Tatts publish on their site.

Like a lot of people, I got sucked into these lotteries based on three key things which propelled me to start this blog:

  1. My life has been a struggle and I have a dream
    I work over 60 hours a week in a job that drains me both physically and spiritually. Now in my mid thirties, I’ve always had a dream of being a filmmaker and have spent the last two years struggling to transform my career path. With a family to support, this hasn’t been an easy road. Naively, I started channeling money into Tatts lotteries thinking that the struggle and hardship of my life might bring me some “luck” and give me a fair chance to change my career path. I’ve become desperate to find relief and get a clean break, and it’s exactly this kind of need that lotteries count on to build huge profits.
  2. Tatts Winner Stories – the only stories Tatts publishes on its website
    Despite hundreds of thousands of people losing money daily and weekly, the only thing you read about on the Tatts website are the “Winner Stories”. In my mind this is misleading – it’s intended to keep you thinking that one day you’ll be one of those winners. I started this blog to share my Loser Stories – as a form of raising awareness, to show the other side of the coin which Tatts avoids drawing any attention to (I don’t consider the “Odds of Winning” section buried within their site as a fair balance to the Winner Stories plastered on their home page).
  3. Tatts Lotteries are promoted with fanfare that I find unfair and (to me) misleading
    In a country where we’re pushing for plain packaging for cigarettes to avoid their destructive influence on people by seeming “attractive” because of the packaging, Tatts take out advertisements across all their outlets, on billboards, through online ad placement and via their own website. These ads distinctly portray gambling on these lotteries as “attractive” and “exciting” – look at the Monday & Wednesday Double Dividends ads up at present (exploding stars for the sheer excitement – as if losing money is exciting). Look at the upcoming 31 Mar Super Draw advertisement – a wheelbarrow full of gold, with stars, on a rainbow. Out of millions of players, only a very small percentage will actually experience anything like what is being advertised – so I openly ask, how is it fair or reasonable that these lotteries be permitted to be advertised in this way? They specifically seek out to entice people to gamble, and present this opportunity in a way that completely contradicts the outcome that virtually all players will experience. I continue to raise the point of the need for plain advertising (black text on white background) and clear warnings on any ads promoting lotteries.

This blog is my personal experience and personal point of view. The stats (both in terms of odds, games played/won, and dollars spent/returned) are honest reflections of this experience. I keep every ticket – winning and losing – in a filing system to ensure should what is reported here ever come into question, I will back it up with my own play history.

I welcome others to share this blog and help me raise awareness. Similarly, I welcome others to share their stories too.

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