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Tatts Lotteries, Pawn Shops and Predatory Loans – My Own Stark Truth

As my Tatts losses tops $4,600 I’m forced to confront the realities of dreaming. The reality of buying into glitzy advertising. The reality of my own stupidity and hope.

Today marks a turning point, both for me and my blog. It’s been some 11 weeks since I started this blog to share my experiences playing Tatts lotteries. Draw by draw, I’ve been collecting evidence and sharing my wins and losses, and the ongoing odds.

To date only one of the five lotteries (Super 7’s) has actually returned odds equal to or better than what is published in Tatts material and on their website promoting these lotteries. Below is my summary to date of odds I’ve experienced for each of the five weekly lotteries run by Tattersalls.

I have to say, response from people both directly and on Twitter has been encouraging. Every gambler needs to wake up to the fact they’re being taken advantage of. I think this relies on two key things:

  1. A reality check of what they’re losing
    My habitual and finicky recording of every game played and every dollar spent, and sharing it here on this blog, serves to do this. It’s certainly an eye opener for me and, I hope, provides some insight and inspiration to others. You need to stop blindly playing and palming off your losses to “bad luck” – become habitual in recording exactly what you spend and what you get back. And you begin to realize that the same pattern could essentially continue for the next 20 or 30 years. Losing doesn’t bring you any closer to winning, and I honestly believe (from my personal experience) published odds are not a fair indicator to gauge what you spend and what you might get back.
  2. The support of friends, family and community
    By sharing my experiences, I’m opening myself up to criticism and support. A reality check is one thing – having that reality echoed back to you by others is potent. By confronting your reality, and then opening it up to share with others, you can start to face the truth – as hard as that may be.

My reality check is further compounded by the things that go on outside the losses and disappointment of playing these lotteries. Constantly pawning goods to stretch over pay cycles and fill the gaps. Taking on predatory loans to try and get yourself out of the immediate stress, but causing you more harm and cost in the long term. These have been part of my reality, and are things I need to work hard to change.

I will continue running this blog – yet as much as I feel there is a clear story to tell by sheer volume of games played and $ lost, in contrast to the millions of dollars spent by on advertising and promoting these lotteries, I need to reign in my losses and control my situation. This is something I’m really trying to focus on, whilst also wanting to continue this blog to track & share the ongoing disappointment.

Having others write in and share their own win/loss record will certainly help add to the statistical pool I’m trying to build on.

Again, I truly appreciate the ongoing support people have shown. There are two things you can do to help – the first is, never feel like your comments are lost. Nobody is beyond help, and yes, I am waking up to the reality of this situation – so thank you for showing your concern and support. The second thing is, please help me share this blog as this is only one story of thousands upon thousands that aren’t being shared. Many of them are far worse than what I’m detailing here. By connecting people and raising awareness, it helps turn a negative situation into a positive influence.

Here’s the run-down odds I’ve gotten from Tatts lotteries in 2012 so far (number of games won out of number played):

Monday Lotto:  1 in 204
Tatts Odds: 1 in 53

Super 7’s: 1 in 47
Tatts Odds: 1 in 55

Wednesday Lotto: 1 in 406
Tatts Odds: 1 in 53

Powerball: 1 in 105
Tatts Odds: 1 in 60

Saturday Tattslotto: 1 in 72
Tatts Odds: 1 in 53

As you can see from the above, in most cases the odds I’ve experienced have been significantly less than the mathematical odds published. In the case of Wednesday Lotto, it’s almost 8 times worse than the published odds.

More soon. Thank you for your ongoing support.

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