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Tattersalls Destroyed My Life

After an extremely difficult week of hard work, I’m relaxing on a Friday evening looking back at my Tattersalls lottery history.

All I can say is, forget about the advertising for these lotteries – don’t buy into that bullshit – playing these lotteries has drained me of money, put me in difficult situations, and has eroded my dreams.

It’s disgusting that we live in a society where a company like Tatts can continue to advertise their lotteries the way they do – glitzy, promotional ads promising you the world. The reality is so many individuals like me, and their families, are drained of vital money trying to buy a piece of a dream.

The odds on these lotteries are atrocious, and the reality of how many losers there are is constantly hidden. Only the winners are promoted, and they are few and far between.

Shame on you, Tatts, for preying on people’s hopes and dreams. Systematically, over the last 3 years, you’ve taken *tens* of *thousands* of dollars from me, cashing in on my hope that I’d somehow win myself out of my difficult situation.

Shame on our government for not regulating these lotteries more, to insist on controls on the advertising which is entirely geared towards promising riches but delivers losses to the majority of players. It’s shameful to allow a company to keep claiming “winners” when, in fact, most of those so called winners have actually gotten back *less* than what they spent playing. The clear definition of “winner” is somebody who gets back more than what their ticket costs and is, ultimately, ahead.

And most of all, shame on me for believing in this false and destructive hope. I was sucked in and I feel ashamed for it but, more than that, I feel so sorry for all the other hundreds of thousands who, like me, take their losses in their stride and simply think they are amongst an unfortunate few.

In actual fact, us Tatts Losers make up the majority of players.

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