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Tattslotto $21m Superdraw 31/3/12 – Less Than 10% Return, Lost $330+

As expected, the Tattslotto $21m superdraw once again proved what a deceptive joke these lotteries are.

I spent $364.40 in tickets for this superdraw, comprised of:
4 x System 8, 38 x System 7, 178 x Standard Games

Return? One division 5 and one division 6 – $33.20 won back. That’s less than 10% of money spent on tickets “won” back.

Here’s my 2012 stats for Tattslotto following the Superdraw – as you can see, Tattslotto has now returned around 34% back in winnings, leaving a total loss on Tattslotto for 2012 of $2,029.20. The odds also continue to be far worse than those published on the Tatts website. 4,935 games played on Tattslotto and only 64 “wins”, meaning odds in excess of 1 in 77 games has won. Remember, this is after the so-called “more winners” with Division 6.

I, amongst the millions of others, am a big time Tattsloser. Conned by the promise of winning big. My $5,309 lost in 2012 so far is one tale out of countless others – when will our government move to put fairer regulations and controls on the advertising for these lotteries, to remove the glamor and put clear warnings that playing lotto can be damaging to your financial health.

Saturday Tattslotto Odds
Summary of my odds playing Tattersalls Tattslotto in 2012
$ Spent Playing $3,086.75
$ Won $1,057.55
Net Position (Negative = Lost) -$2,029.20
% Return in Dollars 34.26%
# Games Played 4935
# Games Won 64
Odds Experienced: 1 in 77
Tatts Claimed Odds: 1 in 53
% Difference To Tatts Odds 69%
(Less than 100% means less returns than published odds suggest)
Total Lost In 2012 Playing Tatts Lotteries -$5,309.74
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