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Tattslotto Results – 21st April (21/4) 2012

It’s been a week long of playing every Tattersalls lottery game and winning nothing, culminating in yet another Saturday Tattslotto loss.

My total losses playing Tatts Lotteries in 2012 is now over $7,500. Here’s some interesting statistics for you:

In 2012, I’ve played a total (across all lotteries – Mon/Wed, Super 7’s, Powerball & Saturday Lotto) of 16,904 games. And how many times I have I won? Largely floated by Division 6 / 7, 203 wins. Across all lotteries the average return against published odds, across this number of games, is 64% – meaning that the odds I’ve experienced playing Tatts games has been some 36% WORSE than what is published.

Here’s the scorecard for Saturday Tattslotto – as you can see, it’s returned less than 31% of the money I’ve spent in winnings (based on the $ spent this means I’ve lost over $2,500 on Saturday Lotto alone).

Saturday Tattslotto Odds
Summary of my odds playing Tattersalls Tattslotto in 2012
$ Spent Playing $3,616.80
$ Won $1,095.55
Net Position (Negative = Lost) -$2,521.25
% Return in Dollars 30.29%
# Games Played 5742
# Games Won 68
Odds Experienced: 1 in 84
Tatts Claimed Odds: 1 in 53
% Difference To Tatts Odds 63%
(Less than 100% means less returns than published odds suggest)
Total Lost In 2012 Playing Tatts Lotteries -$7,505.63
  1. john szala
    November 12, 2012 at 12:00 pm

    Tatts is a Tax SCAM. It is Govt supervised (it was supervised by an Audit Firm) and since then tatts has gone weird. Also these JACKPOTS are a set up as the numbers leading to them can not possibly be random. Stop to think how much money players put in and the jackpot ONLY went up by $20 mill.In Oz Lotto with the jackpots lately close to a Bilion Dollars is unaccounted for. THE DREAM IS THE GOVT They are the big winners.No wonder Tats want to move away.

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