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Tatts Customer Care Encouraged Me To Keep Gambling – Government Doesn’t Respond to Complaint

May 2, 2012 6 comments

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I haven’t kept up my posts as much as I’d like to be able to due to work commitments and the death of my father in law. I’ll be posting a further update on Tatts Lotteries odds, including the enormous amount I spent on the Super 7’s Oz Lotto $50m jackpot draw.

For now, I wanted to share with you all some advice I received from Tattersalls Customer Care when I emailed in last year. I essentially emailed in with a very simple question – that their web site advertisers winners everywhere, including winner stories, but all my tickets keep losing.

The response I received from customer care was, essentially, that “persistence pays“. In other words, keep blowing money on their lotteries, it’ll all work out in the end. Literally – persistence = keep gambling, pays = you’ll end up in front.

Is this a responsible reply to somebody who, via simple look up on their member system, was losing tens of thousands of dollars? That, in order to mitigate my losses, I should keep on gambling?

It’s exactly this kind of behavior that fuels problem gambling. In 2012, following that email, I have now lost over $9,000 playing these lotteries. Tattersalls, meanwhile, have pocketed tens of millions of dollars of profit from these gambling operations. And yet, here I am, persistently playing. As advised by their caring customer representative.

I have since emailed my concerns to the Government, who have essentially hand balled the complaint and have not responded to the complaint nor taken any action. And why should they? The Government is also pocketing millions from “administering” these lotteries.

Meanwhile, thousands of Australian people and their families continue to spiral into debt and gambling problems.