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Valentine $20m Tattslotto Superdraw – How much did you loose?

We’re always keen to share your loser stories here on TattsLosers. Sure, Tatts love to plug their winner stories, coating them in a kind of verbal asbestos that conceals the many millions of losers and tens of millions of dollars lost. Tatts have their media and website mouthpiece, billboards, tv and digital ads.. all we have as the counterculture to this horrid company and its devious practices is social media and blogs. So feel free to share your stories here by adding a comment; you’re certainly not alone in either being misled into playing these lotteries, or losing your money and wondering who the f*ck these ‘winners’ are that have a slice of your hard earned cash.

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  1. Alison
    July 29, 2015 at 8:56 pm

    Just came across your blog. It was an eyeopener. Make sure you leave it up as people are still stumbling across it (like me). I like to play and “invest” LOL about $120 per week but you were spending ALOT. I’ve won third division 4 times i.e. about $300-$500 dollars a time. As well as $500 on the $2 Lucky Lotteries. Of course, as you point out, that does not even begin to cover the total annual cost of the tickets. Then of course you read in the papers about people winning first division twice!! The biggest surprise to me was you buying huge amounts of system tickets and still not winning. That was a real shock. Reading your blog has caused me to abandon systems tickets totally. Thanks for that!

    • July 29, 2015 at 9:58 pm

      Thanks for that! Appreciate the feedback and sharing your own story. It’s such a false economy and a wholesale scam in many ways; the company (Tatts) does everything it can to minimize the reality of losing and maximize the promise of winning. I personally think it is manipulative, misleading and intentionally destructive. On a winning ticket the retail tatts machine will “sing” and print a huge “WINNER!” across your ticket, however if you loose it makes no sound whatsoever. It used to say “Better Luck Next Time”; an attempt at a positive affirmation to keep you gambling instead of the obvious opposite of WINNER! which is “LOSER!”. I’ve noticed now they’ve even reduced that so a losing ticket simply gets a discrete “x” on it near the bottom (check it out!)

      On the online Tatts system, once a draw closes the status of tickets in your history changes to “Closed”. Any tickets that win change to “Won!” but the losing tickets simply remain “Closed”. How dishonest.

      As for syndicates – I was in a regular syndicate played for *every* super draw over the last two years. 10 shares in the syndicate, each cost $178. Out of 16 draws this ticket has won once – about $60. Put that into context – $2,848 in tickets, $60 back. “More chances of winning”. RIGHT…. but here’s the horrifying reality; if you played that syndicate game alone, you’d be paying $1,780 per ticket. That means you would have spent $28,480 in System entries, and won a grand total of $600 back. WINNING.

      I haven’t posted here for ages but your comment has encouraged me; I might just go ahead and post the above reply back up onto the home page to share with others. And appreciate others sharing their stories and perspectives.

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