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What would you do? Life could be a dream.


I love those Tatts ads splashed over billboards, at bus stops, in online ads.. they’re so well tailored to appeal to the urban middle class and working class, trying to get by on a measly wage and every day thinking “if only I got a lucky break”.

The ads always feature ‘perfect nuclear family’ sorts – the toned and health man and woman jumping from a boat, like above.. or that classic Tattslotto ad with the astute elderly urban white haired father giving a new home to his daughter. How great would it be if you were that elderly white haired father who after 40 years hard labor could barely scrape from his savings a home loan deposit for your perfectly manicured daughter when, WOOHOO, you get “the Tatts call” and suddenly you can surprise her with a home you’ve bought for her. And after struggling all your life, it suddenly makes sense all those Tattslotto tickets you bought because NOW you can give her a mortgage-free house so she doesn’t have to struggle like you did. Imagine how happy you’ll go to the grave? Life could be a dream.

Hence, so many hapless souls line up and buy their tickets, jackpot after jackpot, in queue with the other well deserving middle and working class, everyone abuzz from the ads thinking “that’s me!”, everyone nervously fidgeting their ticket, their money, their Tatts Card, wholly convinced by the promise that they can beat the odds. Because they deserve to; the ad paints an ideal “if he can win, so can I – that’s me”.

The thing about odds, though, is it might seem like you have a one in something chance.. but they’re mathematical odds, you idiot. Buy 500 games and win just one last division prize.. suddenly the 1:16 mathematical odds don’t stack up. You’re 1:500. What’s wrong!? If you ask Tatts, they’ll point you right back to the mathematical odds. Those odds don’t mean shit. You could play 1000 games and win nothing. The person next to you could play 10 games and win 10 times.

Those disgustingly cliche ads have made your brain soft. You think because you deserve it, “lady luck” will shine the odds in favor of you. Lemme paint the picture of odds and “deserving luck” for you…

The alcohol and drug addicted neglecting mother, claiming Centrelink benefits through fraud including the pension of her abused and imprisoned own father with dementia locked in a dirty room while her flea-infested and starving kids eating scraps in their filthy rooms.. can potentially win a jackpot on an 12 game quick pick despite those system 8’s you’ve been playing religiously for 10 years.

The affluent corporate CEO who can plough $20k into tickets as ‘spare change’ and doesn’t check his or her tickets for weeks because it was a ‘thoughtless flutter’ is as likely to add major wins to their swollen bank balance as you are long life milk to your modest kitchen cupboard.

The FIFO mining guy blowing half his wage smashing jagermeisters and physically humiliating prostitutes while his family lingers back home trying to stitch together spare dollars to buy next year’s school uniforms .. is as ‘mathematically’ due a Tatts “dream come true” as you.

Dear Tatts Corp – any chance we can have a ‘Life Could Be A Dream’ ad where the newly crowned millionaire is cast full focus in frame in all their scabies glory shooting the winnings up their arm whilst their neglected kids are shrunk against the wall in the background in fear? Because by the mathematics of this ‘chance’ and ‘dream’ you spin, and who and where potential winners might equally be drawn from, surely includes these sorts as much as the nuclear types you always feature..?

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