Ever wondered just how much of a waste of time and money playing Tattslotto games are? Powerball, Super 7’s Oz Lotto, Monday & Wednesday Lotto, and that golden Saturday Tattslotto draw.

This is my personal blog about how many games I’m playing in 2012, the track record in wins/losses and my net position throughout the year.

This is a place for Losers Stories. Yes, we all read about those Winners Stories published on the Tattslotto website, and those golden “Div 1 Won Here” signs they hang in various outlets. Ever wondered why it isn’t you or me? Read my blog, see my track record and the factual odds I’m experiencing playing these games. In my humble opinion, the odds posted on Tatts’ website are simply horseshit – they’re some mathematical ideal which

Despite writing many times, Tatts will not disclose to me how many actual games were purchased in any particular draw. They’ll publish the # WINNERS, but not the overall number of games. Why? Because people like you & me would get an ACTUAL view of the REAL odds experienced playing those games.

Tatts’ website claims “Have Fun, Play Responsibly” – how about “Disclose Everything, Advertise Fairly”. Without a fair idea of how many tickets were bought, you can’t moderate how the odds in any particular draw fared. My humble response to this is to track my own winnings/losings and games played and publish the results here.

I welcome feedback from anybody out there, and would love to PUBLISH any of your Loser’s Stories.

All the best!

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