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Super 7’s Oz Lotto $15m Jackpot – Pre-Draw Rundown

April 10, 2012 Leave a comment

Here comes another Super 7’s Oz Lotto jackpot – tonight $15m… “Imagine what you could do with $15 million dollars” (bold representing emphasis applied by voice over artist on Tattersalls lottery ads on radio).

Tonight’s draw sees me with $472.65 on the line, consisting of:

2 x System 9, 23 x System 8, 138 Standard Games

I’ve also got two syndicate entries:
6 x System 8’s
1 x System 10, 1 x System 9, 3 x System 8

I typically don’t record the syndicate entries in my ‘player stats’ and odds run-down. I’ll look into incorporating these, but will need to work out a fair way to represent the # games won based on the syndicate # players and prizes paid out… oh, wait a minute, what am I worried about – these lotteries just suck the money out of you and don’t pay out jack shit.



Getting Wiser About Tatts: Oz Lotto Draw 21/2/12

February 21, 2012 Leave a comment

Happy Tuesday folks! My day was certainly demanding and deflating and, of course, the icing on the cake was playing Tattersalls Super 7’s Oz Lotto tonight.

Being a $2m draw I decided to cut back. This is also thanks to a conversation I had with a kind fellow on Twitter who pointed out, quite plainly, that whilst my intention of revealing how bad the odds are playing Tatts games in relation to my own direct and factual experience, I’m also spiraling into debt.

Truth be told, yes, I have been playing more than I can afford. I have an avid desire to reveal to the world my own case scenario, as I believe it is repeated more frequently than not by most Tatts players. I stand by my conviction that the published odds are misleading where you experience over a consistent period of time nothing like those odds. That’s the case with my playing experience over 4 years now, and I intend to keep blogging to share the facts of my experience with as many people as possible.

Tatts, on the other hand, wants to continue positively promoting their gambling under the guise of mathematical odds. And people keep swallowing their pride thinking “I’m just unlucky this time”. Oh, and I’ll have “Better Luck Next Time”, which Tatts prints on your losing tickets as if it’s a fact.

At any rate, I also need to keep in my mind my family’s welfare. The consistent losses I’m experiencing playing these games is taking it’s toll. Thank you to the Twitter person who spoke with me and has helped me put some perspective on this.

I shall continue blogging, but I unfortunately have to scale my purchases in line with what I can afford. I don’t believe this detracts from the facts. But I do need others to share their stories too.

At any rate, here’s my Super 7’s Oz Lotto results for tonight:

2 x System 8’s, 13 x Standard Games. Total spent: $34.80.  Won: NOTHING. Oh, yet again.

My total losses for 2012, since starting this blog, now equals: $3,556.78

That’s a lot to loose, I know. But every draw, every statistic, is building a case against a company that doesn’t do anything to disclose factual odds and statistics about their games, and merely promotes the “winners” and “good news stories”.

Peace, folks.

Super 7’s Oz Lotto – $15m Draw 14/2 – Tatts Wins $182.30 From Struggling Player

February 14, 2012 Leave a comment

Just checked the draw for Oz Lotto tonight. $15m Jackpot. This struggling player would have been happy with even a hundred. But again, that wasn’t to be – shouldn’t keep relying on those published odds as any kind of fair indicator.

Games played:
2 x System 9, 6 x System 8, 32 Standard Games
Total Cost: $182.30

Winnings: ZERO

That’s right. I didn’t get the jackpot – I got jack squat.

Thanks again Tattersalls for making my life a living hell. Oh, and congratulations for winning another $182.30 from a struggling player.

Total losses for 2012 – my loss, Tatts’ gain – now stands at a disgusting $3,225.28

That’s over three grand I’ve (in my opinion, unfairly and through being misled) lost playing Tattersalls lottery games under the premise of odds published by the company.


Monday Lotto – 13th Feb 2012

February 13, 2012 Leave a comment

I never learn, do I?

Being just after the super draw (which sucked over $220 out of me in losses), I went ahead and played Lotto again today.

4 x System 7s, 30 Standard Games
Spent $25.25 … and of course, didn’t win a thing.

I’ve pre-purchased for Super 7’s $15m draw tomorrow night:

1 x System 9
2 x System 8
12 Standard Games

… so far…

My net total losses playing Tattersalls lotteries for 2012 now equals: $3,119.73

Totally depressing to think about how much I’ve lost chasing these Tattersalls ‘dreams’, and how much better off I’d be if I never played their damn games.

Super 7’s Oz Lotto – $10m Super Draw – 7th Feb 2012

February 8, 2012 Leave a comment

Yet again Tattersalls comes out the true winner. Being a $10m super draw I scraped together every penny I could muster in the hope of winning something decent. Let’s face it, not a first division, apparently that’ll never happen. But at least a return on my money something like the odds Tattersalls publish proclaim.

Alas, it was not to be. Tattersalls odds continue to prove unreliable and a misrepresentation of what you might actually experience.

Here’s my run down for the $10m Super 7’s super draw held on 7th Feb:

1 x System 10
18 x System 8
159 x Standard Games

Total Cost to Play: $507.45

Winnings: A *massive* $14.55

Net position: Blew another $492.90

An open message to Tattersalls: Australian consumer law requires that a sold product perform (within reason) to it’s stated “specifications”. In the case of your lottery games, I consider those specifications to be the odds you publish. I have consistently received far less odds than those that are published – this isn’t an intermediate thing, it’s a consistent pattern. I therefore allege that the tickets I have bought are, under standard consumer law, faulty by nature.

Net position for 2012 so far: Tattersalls have managed to farm $2,885.28 from me.

Thanks Tattersalls – Tatts me out of here (with ‘here’ being the disgustingly terrible losing streak I consistently experience playing your lotteries). Keep on taking from the poor and give to the rich.

Given we’re over a month down the track, I’ll try and find some time in the next post or two to publish the actual odds Tattersalls games have yielded this particular player.

Powerball $30m Mega Draw

January 31, 2012 Leave a comment

A little while since my last post, apologies. You’d be forgiven for thinking that I might have had some great windfall. Actually, you wouldn’t be forgiven – of course that’s not the case. Statistically, Tattersalls odds might suggest you have a chance, but in reality it.. well, sucks.

Reviewing my lotto play results for January – overall I’ve lost a total of $1,174.25. I did have a bit of a win on Super 7’s last week, which I recycled into the promise of the $25m Powerball last Thursday. That was a total disaster:
Powerball 26/1/12
1 System 8, 2 System 7’s and a whopping 456 standard games. Total cost: $452.90.

And I won a single Division 5 – a massive $25.90. So I lost $427. Pretty miserable.

Speaking of misery – because of that, and playing on Monday ($56.20 – won nothing) I ended up in a pretty awful situation today. I couldn’t afford lunch – I could barely afford to even drive into work and pay the parking.

So I worked all day today, last day on January, on a single cup of coffee. It’s all I could afford. All because I was stupid enough to keep thinking that Tattersalls odds are fair, and that I have a decent chance of winning.

It meant I couldn’t play Oz Lotto tonight. Oh well. I’m guessing I at least saved some money (that I didn’t have).

There’s a $30m Powerball jackpot this week. It’s also my pay week. So I guess I’ll be pouring a chunk of change down that drain. Pretty stupid, really, as it’ll mean I’ll be scratching for pennies the following week.

But look on the bright side – visit the Tattersalls website and you’ll hear of all the fantastic winners stories, and those awesome Flash ad graphics showing beaches and amazing sums of money. Makes you salivate, huh? Keep dreaming. Tatts gives you the chance to make dreams come true – all I was dreaming of today is I sure wish I could afford something to eat.

Thanks Tatts – you’ve bled over a grand from me over January. What I’ve won is so much less than what your published odds might indicate. Does this mean I’m in line for a big winner? Or am I destined to spend next week watching people eat and kick myself over how stupid I am to keep being conned by your lotteries?

Over and out folks. Hope somebody out there is having more luck than me.