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Wednesday Lotto Odds – Actual Odds Only 33% Of Published Odds So Far in 2012

March 24, 2012 Leave a comment

Below is the current state of my returned odds for Wednesday Lotto. As you can see from the data below, on a pool of playing over 2400 games the actual odds experienced are only 33% of the odds claimed on the Tatts website – in other words, around three times worse than the odds published. Further, the winnings return has been only 19% of actual money spent playing.

Will post an update on Saturday lotto later this evening after the draw. That currently stands at a paltry 1:72 odds with a return of only 36%.

Wednesday Lotto Odds
Summary of my odds playing Tattersalls Wednesday Lotto in 2012
$ Spent Playing $1,124.60
$ Won $217.05
Net Position (Negative = Lost) -$907.55
% Return in Dollars 19.30%
# Games Played 2403
# Games Won 15
Odds Experienced: 1 in 160
Tatts Claimed Odds: 1 in 53
% Difference To Tatts Odds 33%
(Less than 100% means less returns than published odds suggest)
Total Lost In 2012 Across All Tatts Lotteries -$4,809.39

Tatts Lotteries & Poor Odds – 48 Draws, 22 With Absolutely No Wins

When you start recording the exact number of games you play, the amount you spend, and the number of wins/dollars you get in return, it really becomes startling how Tatts can continue to publish supposed odds for their games, and yet the odds experienced by this particular TattsLoser is starkly different (ie. worse).

To me, this is indicative of one of three things:

1. I’m apparently a lot more “unlucky” than the average punter
In which case, there must be people out there who continually receive better odds to . How likely do you think this is? I’d love to hear from some of those people. Better still, I’d like Tatts to point them out. I’ve certainly kept every

2. That the mathematical odds represent a truly random game, and Tatts lotteries are not genuinely random
If this is the case, it is both false and misleading to represent the lotteries with a mathematical model. What I am uncertain of is at what point (ie. how much money I have to loose) to conclusively declare this.

3. That at some point the odds will even out over a reasonable period of time
In which case, I will continue to run this blog and openly share my losses and odds. Tatts – should you wish to challenge anything reported here, be advised I have kept every single ticket both winning and losing, and welcome you to challenge the results I publish in this blog.

Wednesday Lotto’s draw this week (7th March 2012) – here’s the results of what I played, lost & won:
2 x System 8s
26 x System 7s
46 x Standard Games
Total Spend: $154.95
Winnings: Division 5 x 3 (System 7) – $45.15

Net losses for Wednesday Lotto: Lost $109.80

This makes it a total of 48 Tattersalls lottery draws I’ve played in for 2012, and only one draw in which I have won more back than I have played.

Every other lottery draw I have lost more (in most cases, significantly more).

Out of the 48 lottery draws, there have been 22 draws that I’ve won absolutely nothing on. That’s over 45% of lottery draws in 2012 which have returned nothing. Making Tattersalls lotteries one of the worst options for gambling and hoping to win.

My net losses playing Tattersalls lotteries and running this blog for 2012: $4,321.64 – wasted on these pathetic lotteries. Think of how much you’re losing next time you get romanced by the pathetic advertising of coconuts on island beaches or wheelbarrows full of gold bullion.

Tatts – you suck. Your games suck. And this blog is a testament to the immoral way you peddle profit on people’s dreams.



Tatts Milks Another $115 From Me In Wed Lotto, Now 8 Game $385 Losing Streak

February 23, 2012 Leave a comment

Wednesday Lotto didn’t fare too well at all I’m afraid.

I played 2x System 8’s, 20 x System 7’s and 69 Standard Games, for a total spend of $115.45. Winnings: ZERO.

Putting Tattersalls lotteries odds into perspective, this makes it 8 consecutive draws across every game for the last two weeks where I haven’t won a single thing. Total purchases over this period = $384.70 without any winnings.

Of course, if you were led to believe the odds published on the Tatts site, this losing streak and not winning even a tiny division out of all those games and all those draws is extremely unlikely. Yet, here I am.

Seems nobody took home first division in last night’s Wednesday lotto. It was, incidentally, the last Lotto draw before Tatts so called “exciting game changes” for Mon & Wed lotto. These exciting changes are pretty much what we expected – a new division, and then increasing the ticket prize. There’s also some “minimum 2 division 1 $1m prizes”… Given next Mon is the first draw, I’m sure it’s entirely coincidental that nobody won Wed’s draw this week, which conveniently funds the promise prize pool for next Monday.

More soon on Powerball’s draw – I might be headed for 9 consecutive “no wins”. With this streak, my losing record will soon parallel Black Caviar’s winning record.

TattsLosers Stories – Wednesday Lotto, 1st Feb 2012

February 1, 2012 Leave a comment

We’re all used to the “Winners Stories” on the Tattersalls homepage, right? Those hope-filling stories about all those lucky winners. Well, here at TattsLosers, we’re about covering the other 95-99% of stories out there which Tatts refuses to publish on their site. The everyday losers stories.

Here’s my take, in true Tattersalls style:

A Melbourne man woke up this morning to an amazingly awful start to February when he discovered he’d won no division in Wednesday’s Tattslotto draw. “I spent $89.30 on tickets and didn’t win a damn thing” the man said. “I play every single Tatts draw and it’s pretty much constantly the same. Buying Tattersalls lottery tickets is like repeatedly dropping a bar of soap in a prison communal shower”.

Mon & Wed Lotto and Powerball – More Cash for Tatts Tills

January 6, 2012 Leave a comment

So here’s the latest results for this week:

Monday Lotto – out of the $150 or so of tickets, I won absolutely NOTHING! Again! Yikes. Those odds posted on Tattersalls website are really starting to look rather… ill.

From Wednesday lotto, I’ve decided to start up a register to track my ongoing # games on each draw, the amount spent, the winnings, and the net position. This should be good for anybody who, like me, thinks they have some kind of remote chance of ending up ahead. The reality is (taken from somebody losing many $10’s of thousands of dollars over the last 5 years), it’s simply a waste of money and building up false hopes.

Wednesday Lotto 5/1/12: 3 System 8’s, 19 System 7’s, 24 Standard Games
Cost: $105, Winnings: $44
Net Position To Date: -$61.00

Powerball 6/1/12: 62 Standard Games
Cost: $50.70, Winnings: $0
Net Position To Date: -$50.70

So far I’ve wasted $111.70 this year.

I’m tracking this stuff on a spreadsheet now, breaking down the number of games & related winnings, which will let me start to share what the actual odds are ongoing.

Feedback always welcome. Wish me luck for Saturday’s draw!