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Valentine $20m Tattslotto Superdraw – How much did you loose?

February 15, 2014 2 comments

We’re always keen to share your loser stories here on TattsLosers. Sure, Tatts love to plug their winner stories, coating them in a kind of verbal asbestos that conceals the many millions of losers and tens of millions of dollars lost. Tatts have their media and website mouthpiece, billboards, tv and digital ads.. all we have as the counterculture to this horrid company and its devious practices is social media and blogs. So feel free to share your stories here by adding a comment; you’re certainly not alone in either being misled into playing these lotteries, or losing your money and wondering who the f*ck these ‘winners’ are that have a slice of your hard earned cash.

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$13m Oz Lotto Draw 3/4/12 – Over $450 Lost – Did somebody say ‘scammed’?

Just checked the $13m Oz Lotto draw for tonight (3rd April 2012) – what a nasty surprise. Having played 2xSystem 9, 26 x System 8’s and 140 Standard Games, it looks like I’ve only won a single prize. That’s over $513 of tickets to get what looks to be around $26 back.

I’m feeling much too ‘dark’ to calculate out my usual odds and will post them tomorrow (at a glance it looks like the odds have pushed out considerably now – the only Tatts game that was returning CLOSE to the odds they claim has turned out like every other Tatts lottery game – a sham in terms of odds).

More soon.

Tattersalls Destroyed My Life

March 23, 2012 Leave a comment

After an extremely difficult week of hard work, I’m relaxing on a Friday evening looking back at my Tattersalls lottery history.

All I can say is, forget about the advertising for these lotteries – don’t buy into that bullshit – playing these lotteries has drained me of money, put me in difficult situations, and has eroded my dreams.

It’s disgusting that we live in a society where a company like Tatts can continue to advertise their lotteries the way they do – glitzy, promotional ads promising you the world. The reality is so many individuals like me, and their families, are drained of vital money trying to buy a piece of a dream.

The odds on these lotteries are atrocious, and the reality of how many losers there are is constantly hidden. Only the winners are promoted, and they are few and far between.

Shame on you, Tatts, for preying on people’s hopes and dreams. Systematically, over the last 3 years, you’ve taken *tens* of *thousands* of dollars from me, cashing in on my hope that I’d somehow win myself out of my difficult situation.

Shame on our government for not regulating these lotteries more, to insist on controls on the advertising which is entirely geared towards promising riches but delivers losses to the majority of players. It’s shameful to allow a company to keep claiming “winners” when, in fact, most of those so called winners have actually gotten back *less* than what they spent playing. The clear definition of “winner” is somebody who gets back more than what their ticket costs and is, ultimately, ahead.

And most of all, shame on me for believing in this false and destructive hope. I was sucked in and I feel ashamed for it but, more than that, I feel so sorry for all the other hundreds of thousands who, like me, take their losses in their stride and simply think they are amongst an unfortunate few.

In actual fact, us Tatts Losers make up the majority of players.

9 Consecutive Tatts Draws, $420 and No Wins – Powerball 23/2/12

February 24, 2012 Leave a comment

The losing streak continues: played 48 games in last night’s Powerball, total cost $39.20. Didn’t win anything.

This makes it 9 consecutive Tatts lottery draws over the last two weeks, spending a total of $419.50, without a single win or return.

Will do some number crunching over the weekend and publish the current odds returned for each of the Tatts games to contrast against those published by Tatts themselves.

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Monday Lotto Results – 20/2/12

February 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Just a short post as Monday is always a treacherous day at work…

I scraped together $50 to play lotto today – couldn’t quite play my Tatts Card saved games, but covered most of them:
2 x System 8’s, 3 x System 7’s and 39 Standard Games
Total Cost: $50.55

Unsurprisingly, it turns out I didn’t win anything – putting me another $50.55 down. Bring it on, Tatts – the more I loose, the more your published odds seem a misrepresentation to me.

More soon folks!

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Wednesday 15/2/12 – $5.25 For Lunch, Spent It On Lotto

February 15, 2012 Leave a comment

Only had about $5 for lunch today.. like a real TattsLoser, I spent it on putting on a $5.25 lotto ticket for tonight rather than eating.

Pretty miserable day, working hard in a corporate environment under high stress and without anything to eat. Made all the more miserable by the fact that, naturally, the lotto ticket won jack squat once again in tonight’s draw.

Can’t thank Tattersalls enough. Really, I can’t.

Tatts – Company Without A Conscience; An Open Thank You

February 14, 2012 Leave a comment

Dear Tatts,

Following tonight’s Super 7 Oz Lotto Draw, I just wanted to say thank you for selling me tickets under the proviso of particular “mathematical odds”.

Either I am extremely ‘unlucky’, or the draws are not as genuinely random in that a mathematical theory of odds can be fairly applied.

At any rate, given my total loss of $183.20 in tonight’s draw, without a single winning, I now have 5c left in my wallet.

So thank you.


TattsLoser (one of hundreds of thousands, I’m sure)

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