Stop Me Losing Money On Tatts Lotteries: A Social Media Experiment

As you can see from my blog, playing Tatts lotteries continues to be a catastrophe. Every draw takes me further away from my dream of being a filmmaker. Each blog post details the downward spiral – after thousands upon thousands of dollars, I’m still sucked in by the ‘excitement’ and ‘riches’ used to promote these lotteries.

And, of course, those Winner Stories on the Tatts website. It seems every few days there’s some new story about some person “set for life”. And you think, why can’t that be me? With so much focus on winner stories, and no hint of how many losers there are, you’d be forgiven for getting sucked into the same trap.

I got to thinking about the power of social media, and thought to put this out there as a kind of social media challenge – using the online community to literally rescue me from wasting money on another draw. Here’s my resolve:

I play Lotto games virtually every draw. My typical spend is between $70-$100, but often more especially when Tatts goes to town on promoting their super draws and jack pots.

For any day that I receive 100 Tweets and/or Re-Tweets for this blog (official Twitter Account: @tattslosers), I will save my money and not bet on the next draw following that day.

Call it a social media experiment – using the power of social conscience to help a TattsLoser whilst also helping raise awareness of this blog to help others who are no doubt in similar or worse situations.

I’ll run this experiment from now (19 Mar 2012) to the end of March to see what the response is like. Folks, if you believe in the damage lotteries and gambling have on people (particularly poorer people / financially vulnerable) then please speak up!

  1. John Szala
    May 20, 2014 at 10:08 pm

    If you are wondering why you cannot win it is because the draws are rigged. To prove that have a look at my facebook page where I have posted photos of the draws from Ozlotto, Powerball and Saturday Lotto. When you see the patterns of the numbers that they declare as the winning numbers it will explain it all. As you I am frustrated that numbers seem to run away from any numbers you select – so I recorded the winning numbers week by week ,on a blank entry form. The results are frightening.

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