Tatts Lotteries – Possible Class Action for Consumers

If you believe your financial well being has been impacted by Tatts lotteries, I am interested to hear from you. Depending on the numbers involved, I am presently evaluating whether a class action may be possible to raise grievances.

These grievances are (but not limited to):

  1. Misleading advertising for Tatts lotteries (online, at outlets, on billboards / bus stops etc.) – primarily; that lotteries are advertised in such a way (using imagery) to millions of people who buy a ticket, whereas the vast majority of those consumers will never actually receive such as a result of purchasing the promoted product; and, that such advertisements do not clearly promote the product in a way that it will perform for the majority of purchasers;
  2. Failure to disclose vital information that consumers require to make an informed decision; most importantly, that Tatts heavily promotes the selected (and very small number of) ‘winners’ whilst at no time publishes any information regarding how many ‘losers’ there are for any particular draw; the intentional withholding of information on losers serves to disenfranchise and disempower the vast majority of purchasers who are, in fact, losers, putting them into a cycle of additional purchases which they may otherwise avoid if it was clearly known how many other millions of players also lost and the relative percentage between those who come out ‘in front’ versus those who have lost money (in some cases, thousands of dollars); failure to publish information on losers, whilst actively promoting winners, again is misleading advertising in my opinion;
  3. Promotion of statistical/mathematical odds that purposefully create a misconception in the consumer’s mind as to the likely performance of the product they are purchasing; and such odds are published without any caveat as to their worthiness nor warning that those odds are indicative and actual odds both vary from game to game, and may over any period of time be significantly worse than what is published. Where odds return significantly deviate from those under which it was sold as (product specification / performance), I believe the consumer has every right to request a refund of said product (being tickets purchased).

I intend to explore these issues from a Consumer Law point of view, rather than a Gambling Code/Regulation point of view. Regardless of the fact these are lotteries governed by gambling rules, they are also clearly consumer products being sold in Australian territories and, in my opinion, should be bound by the same expectations (in terms of advertising, performance of product, and so forth) as any other consumer purchased goods.

This point of view is further enforced, in my opinion, by the fact that Tatts Group has listed as a public company, and trades on the stock market alongside other publicly listed companies that are governed by a standard set of laws and expectations that exist

To support any claim, it is important that you keep every ticket (winning and losing) from Tatts lotteries that you play, that such tickets may be rendered as evidence in support of item (3) above.

I will update this page further in the near future as I find out more about whether a case does indeed exist, and what avenues/forums are available from which to pursue it most appropriately.

  1. John Szala
    July 12, 2013 at 12:15 am

    I have many issues with Tattslotto.

    1 No transaprency about the draws
    2 No Accountability of all the money raised
    3 No Verification of winners (if there are any?)

    Why is there such a big break between the machines closing and the draw
    taking place (ie 1 hour opens it up to possible manipulation)?
    The draw should take place as the machines CLOSE!

    I also question the pool setup – I asked them if the money is pooled and they
    informed me that they set the jackpot amount. If that is the case then under the laws of gambling
    try to go to the Casino or the Pokies and collect money if you do not put money in! Or even
    play cards and try to collect money if you dont bet even if you are holding a winning hand!
    Then, if in the case of last years streak of 9 jackpots in a row in Ozlotto, the $100 million jackpot
    would have been reached by week 7 or 8 let alone week 9 – Therefore nobody’s money would have been in week 10
    therefore no one would be entitled to claim even with the winning ticket as their money was not in that pool.
    This would not be allowed in the TAB, Casino, The Pokies or any other form of gambling -Then Why here?

    I have been playing Tattslotto for 40 years and in the first 20 years all was normal
    but then something happened as in the last 20 years I have managed to collect a princeley sum of ZERO!

    Also why has Tatts HO moved to Queensland and leaving the Lotto behind in Victoria – under the supervision
    of the Government? ( A good Budget monetary spinner)?

    The amount of money that is turned over in comparison to the amount paid in winnings seems way out of proportion.
    In the last 20 years I have not heard of any big winners and have spoken to thousands and no one else has either!

    Just a quick note about some of my issues.

  2. February 15, 2014 at 11:21 pm

    saturday feb 15 $20million !! and 20 winners !! early last year, $10million !! and 10 winners. 3 yrs ago $10million and what do you know ??? yes 10 winners !! MAKES ONE WONDER ???? please !! nobody from lotto try and tell me !!! OH BUT SIR ITS COMPLETELY ON THE LEVEL !!! as i may vomit !!

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